About us

It is common knowledge that the Republic of Azerbaijan is rich of mineral resources. Oil and gas take major place among minerals for the scope of exploration works carried out and processing level of deposits. There are also other mineral resources in the country. A large number of ore minerals, including iron ore, alunite, copper, cobalt, gold, mercury, molybdenum, tungsten, lead and zink deposits were discovered in different regions of the country.

In addition, the exploration work was carried out with regard to presence of other mineral resources and as a result, various non-ore and construction materials deposits were found. They include saw stone, facing stone, clay, cement raw material, limestone, crushed stone, gravel, sand, bituminous sand, perlite, pumice stone, gypsum, anhydrite, alm, bentonite clay, table salt, dolomite, quartzites, flux and sodium-limestone, ceramic raw material, mineral paint (ochre clay), quartz sand, barite, china stone, sulphur, Iceland spar, fire-resistant and refractory clay, raw material for glass production and zeolite deposits.

The richness of minerals facilitated the establishment of small-sized mining and ore-dressing enterprises in the territories of their location. Lack of necessary investment in the Soviet and post-Soviet period led to suspension of extraction in these deposits. Industrial development of deposits in mining industry has started since the second half of the XX century.

Presently, the dynamic growth rate achieved in the country is also reflected in the mining industry, as in each industrial sector. The State Programme on Socio-Economic Development of Regions in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was approved by the Presidential Decree of February 11, 2004, development of non-oil sector, ensuring the balanced socio-economic development throughout the country, efficient use of existing regional capacity, attraction of investors to the regions and other similar factors also contribute to the development of the mining industry in the country. In this regard, the development, substantiation and introduction of production methods for Azerbaijan\"s deposits based on advanced technologies is of great importance. It is both very favorable from economic point of view and facilitates complex extraction of minerals without any damage to environment. To this end, we offer to You the permanent contact with new technologies, the service and the mining equipment based on the international principle of environmental protection.

The large and medium-type equipment offered is exported to our country by manufactures with strong production capacity , which is considered a center of heavy industry. This equipment can be often found at mill houses, cement plants, limestone plants, steel plants, noble metal enrichment enterprises, chemical plants and enterprises producing construction materials. These plants with strong manufacturing base are one of the leading companies for the export of mining equipment to many countries of the world. Annual update program carried out for the equipment creates a basis to successfully compete with other manufacturers. Our products adhere to the \"price-quality\" principle and were awarded with certificates as the quality products meeting international standards.

We draw to your attention that many producers, for their convenience and mainly due to the lack of production conditions, buy the spare parts from other producing companies or small shops. In this case, it is not always possible to examine the composition, quality parameters of those spare parts in laboratory environment. However, the spare parts for the products we offer are produced by our manufacturers at high-tech machines through their own resources, that provide a guarantee of full quality and long-term exploration for these equipment.